How to move towards a more consumer oriented AAL market?


October 8th Coral/CASA, AAL JP, EIP AHA and ENGAGED side event Brussels Open Days

Short description:
This event aims at connecting regional strategies on social inclusion, boosting innovation and creativity in ways that can promote and maintain the well being of an ageing society.  An interactive session, it will facilitate a lively exchange of experience, good practices and opinions among representatives of local and regional authorities. Together with ICT industry representatives it will focus on relevant policies, policy implementation, financing through new business models and innovative procurement of ICT based solutions for ageing well. Key expected outcomes include an increased mutual understanding of different stakeholders’ points of view regarding needs, use, procurement and consumer market opportunity.

Time:                   October 8th 2014  - 13.00 – 17.00 h.
Venue:                 Science 14 Atrium | 14b Rue de la Science – 1050 Brussels  (not Royal Academy)
AAL Association in collaboration with Coral, ENGAGED and EIP AHA.

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Expected participants:
80 participants from local and regional authorities, AAL businesses, regional innovation clusters, European end user organisations and European organisations representing different stakeholders within the domain of Active and Healthy Ageing will participate in the session. We are especially encouraging the unusual suspects – like the participants to the Brussels Open Days – who are curious about scaling up smart AAL solutions to attend and participate.

There are plenty of AAL solutions developed and close to the market, many of them resulting from European projects funded by the AAL Programmes We all know that the implementation and up scaling of these solutions are a challenge and is not an easy task to fulfil. Barriers remain that need to be solved if AAL solutions are to be successfully deployed at scale. Innovative procurement is part of this challenge, but it is also a way to contribute to the implementation of AAL solutions. Innovative procurement is not an straightforward process as procurers often lack a good overview of the innovative solutions available. Equally, the evidence on impact of these solutions is still fragmented. We also lack an overview and insight of the actual experiences of end users who are already using these solutions.

The AAL programme facilitates the adequate framework conditions to integrate end users’ requirements in the whole lifecycle of AAL research and innovation projects. Nevertheless, end users are not yet sufficiently involved in the implementation of AAL solutions. Like procurers, they also do not have a good overview of all the innovations that they could benefit from. Although their interest in these solutions is increasing rapidly, it is less clear where can they find the AAL solutions that are right for them?

Where can they buy these solutions? Which solutions are reimbursable by their government or insurance company? The AAL JP has launched a manual on methodologies to adequately involve end – users that is available on the following link: The AAL Association is also participating in the EIP AHA in the Action Group C2 on Innovative independent living solutions.  We work together with other stakeholders, like regional authorities, on improving user involvement as well as on the development of a common approach to improve the evidence culture across Europe.

These improvements and good stakeholder collaborations will help in the development of new business models for AAL solutions. We need new business models to achieve more value creation for citizens and end users. Because of shrinking health care budgets, and the pressure on the existing health systems, we see that the AAL market is starting to move from solely a public procurement model to one that also embraces a consumer market – with businesses selling to both individuals and to other businesses.  Consumers are ready for it, but this relatively new market remains underdeveloped.  Many AAL companies are not used to directly communicating with or selling to end users and consumers. How to do this? What kind of business models needs to be developed?  What role can regional and local policies play to stimulate these developments? What lessons can be learnt from existing experience?
This event offers an excellent opportunity to talk more in depth with a wide range of stakeholders about actions already taken to solve these barriers..  It creates a forum for the exchange of experiences between AAL businesses and regional and local policy makers and other organisations like development agencies that can support AAL businesses in transforming  the AAL market.

Therefore we defined the following Central theme for this session: How to move towards a more consumer oriented AAL market?


12.30 h. Registration and welcome

13.00 h. Moderator Shabs Rajasekharan, director at Smarter Futures (Spain) and coordinator Action Group C2 of EIP AHA
Welcome and overview of the afternoon.

13.10 h. Karina Marcus, director of AAL Joint Programme
Introduction of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme. Which actions take place from the AAL JP to stimulate the AAL Market and uptake of innovative solutions?

13.25 h. Frank Verbeek, managing director Gociety  (Noord-Brabant, NL)
Good practice business model presentation GoLivePhone® and GoLiveAssist®

13.40 h. Sandrine Boussonnie, ACTIMAGE (Luxembourg) (tbc)
involved in AAL projects CAREatHome, Salig++ and M3W

13.55 h. Saied Tazari, REAAL project and Fraunhofer IGD (Germany)
Collaboration between industries. Sharing experiences from practice why these topics of user involvement, impact assessment and new business model development are still issues and have to be solved together.

14.10 h. Jon Dawson, MiDallas, coordinator EIP AHA C2 Action Group and Coral (Liverpool,UK)
Activities to develop a more consumer oriented market and focus and lessons learned of the MiDallas programme.

14.25 h. Anders Carlsson, Process manager at New Tools for Health (Sweden), ENGAGED and Coral
Collaboration of the demand side with industry to achieve future proof business models. Anders will inform participants about the outcomes of the ENGAGED mutual learning workshop about business models that took place during the AAL Forum as a side event.

14.40 h. Panel discussion
How to move forward from a Business-to-Business oriented AAL market to a more Business to Consumer oriented AAL market?
Panel:              Karina Marcus, Saied Tazari, Mariëlle Swinkels and Anders Carlsson
Moderator:     Shabs Rajasekharan

During this plenary programme active involvement and contribution of the participants is highly appreciated and encouraged. Please prepare questions for the speakers and be ready to add to the panel discussion with your expertise. Use hashtag #AALJP in your contributions on Twitter.

15.15 h. Network break

15.45 h. Optional programme in break out work sessions
Optional and additional programme for those participants ready to go in depth in three parallel interactive sub sessions.

People value as driver for new business models. Canvases are increasingly used for business development. How can the canvases be used and with what result for your business? In this interactive session, the business model canvas and the people value canvas are used as a tool to support the development of future proof business models for AAL products and services. Dick van Dijk (Creative Director), Paulien Melis (Business Developer and Project Manager) and Helma van Rijn (Concept Developer) of WAAG Society (NL) will explain and apply the business and people value canvas in all three sessions as an instrument.

Table 1:  Anders Carlsson from Norrkoping, East Sweden is the moderator and Helmi Ben Hmida from Fraunhofer IGD is the rapporteur.
Table 2: Jon Dawson is the moderator and Ilenia Gheno from AGE Platform is the rapporteur.
Table 3: Shabs Rajasekharan is the moderator of this session and Mariëlle Swinkels is the rapporteur.

17.00 h. Closure and network drink.

This side event of the Brussels Open Days is organised by the AAL association in collaboration with Coral, ENGAGED and experts in Action Group C2 about Independent Living from the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Living.

For more information about the content of this event you can contact Edwin Mermans from the Province of Noord-Brabant representing CASA:

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