Invitation to register: Creating unity out of diversity: sustaining lessons learned in Active Ageing


INNOVAge and CASA present their results at final conference in Brussels October 7th 2014

CASA is about the development of regional policy and the exchange of knowledge around the up scaling of innovative ICT and services for independent living. Demographic changes make it necessary to organise the care and housing of senior citizens and chronically ill in a smarter way including the use of ICT. This also gives opportunities for innovative companies to develop new tools and services.

INNOVAge project aims at helping older people to live independently for longer in their own homes by increasing their autonomy and by the emerging of new ‘technological supply chains’ associated with new developments like independent living and eco-innovation, with a valuable contribution to minimize environmental impact of elderly daily life activities.

With this aim, both project decided to join forces and organize a common Final Conference that will be held in Brussels on 7th October 2014 moderated by Meike de Jong.

Regions in CASA and INNOVAge also work closely together in the Community of Regions for Assisted Living (Coral) a European network of regions collaborating on up scaling smart solutions for independent living and integrated care. The ambitions, networks and spirit of CASA and INNOVAge continue to live on in the Coral network:


 09h00 – 09h45: registration.

Participants can network and visit the Market Place with information on several companies and smart solutions for independent living.

 09h45 – 12h15: lessons learned

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Government of Flanders: opening speech by Mr. Jo Vandeurzen, Minister for Welfare, Public Health and Family
  • CASA and INNOVAge: general introduction to the projects
  • Castilla y Léon: Mrs. Milagros Marcos Ortega, Regional Minister for Family and Equal Opportunities (tbc)
  • Wielkopolska (tbc)
  • Kent County: Mr. Marc Dance (cabinet member, business strategy/support) and Mr. Graham Gibbens (cabinet member, health care)
  • La Marche: Mrs. Paola Giorgi, Regional Minister for the European Policies (tbc)
  • Andalucia: Regional Minister (tbc)
  • INTERREG IVC-project DAA: project overview and results by Lead Partner Iina Oilinki

Two end-users will be invited to share experiences:

  • Flanders: a resident of elderly home Weverbos
  • Kent: Mr. Harris Patel  (tbc)

Q&A session to receive policy recommendations from experts and audience. The expert panel on stage will consist of:

  • Kent County: Mrs. Anne Tidmarsh and Mr. Richard Curry
  • Flanders: Mr Ronald De Buck
  • Castilla y Léon: tbc
  • Lithuania: tbc

12h30 – 13h45: lunch13h45 – 15h15: Transfer methods

  • Partners that identified good practices they are or will be transferring in the future have the floor:

      • §Knowledge Transfer Conferences held in Romania and Poland
      • §Kent learning from Scotland (upscaling strategies)
      • §Kent learning from Flanders (elderly home Weverbos)
      • §Friuli-Venezia Giulia learning from Kent
      • §South Denmark learning from Kent
      • §Andalucia – tbc
      • §Noord-Brabant learning from Catalonia and Scotland


    • §Introduction of transfer method by SEHTA
    • §3 pilot actions winners

15h15 – 17h00: Policy and building a learning community

  • European Commission – DG SANCO: Mrs. Maria Iglesias Gomez (EIP AHA)
  • European Commission – DG EMPL: Mrs. Lieve Fransen
  • AAL Joint Programme: Mrs. Raquel Fernandez Horcajada
  • Coral, regional policies for AHA : Mr. Jon Dawson
  • INTERREG: presentation future INTERREG Europe (Michel Lamblin tbc)
  • Closing session: Mr. David Parry (SEHTA) – Awareness, management and long-term sustainability of innovation clusters

17h00 – 18h30: networking reception

Do you want to participate?

If you wish to participate to the conference, please contact one of the following lead partners and they will provide you with a registration link. Please understand that due to limited seats, we are forced to evaluate each application. Only a confirmation stating your approval of registration can grant you access to the conference:

CASA LP: Flanders Region (Belgium)
Contact person:  Fabian Dominguez (

INNOVAge LP: Marche Region; Technical Secretariat: SVIM (Italy)
Contact person: Ida Prosperi ( &

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