Regional politicians about innovation in Active and Healthy Ageing at AAL Forum

This is the video message of European Commissioner Neelie Kroes from the Digital Agenda as her call for commitment in the talkshow about regional policy on Active and Healthy Ageing Tuesday 24th of September in Norrkoping, Sweden as part of the AAL Forum.

The annual AAL Forum 2013 (Ambient Assisted Living Forum) takes place in Sweden, September 24-26th. The AAL Forum is the place to be for everyone in Europe playing a role in Ambient Assisted Living and innovation in the field of Active and Healthy Ageing. AAL is about smart ICT solutions and services for independent living and integrated care. The AAL Joint Programme is an important pillar in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA), initiated by the European Commission.

European regions and regional governments play an essential role in the implementation and scaling of smart solutions for independent living and integrated care. All over Europe regional innovation clusters – and regional politicians supporting them – make a difference. A lot of those regional clusters are part of the EIP AHA and recently got awarded by the European Commission with one or more stars. That’s why we are organising a side event short before the Grand Opening of the AAL Forum about the regional perspective and the role of politicians. We want to hear the stories of the politicians representing their region and regional innovation cluster. In a programme of about 90 minutes we will have a lively debate in which about 10 to 15 regional politicians from all over Europe participate. The European Commission will speak about the importance of regional involvement.

The three main topics are:

  • How are you working on innovation on Active and Healthy Ageing and Ambient Assisted Living in your region? Do you have a regional innovation cluster? Do you have an innovation strategy or policy? What barriers do you experience? What is to your opinion the added value of the regional level in Europe?
  • What are you doing – as a regional government – to connect your region and innovation cluster to the European level? Are you connected to other regional clusters in Europe? How is your involvement in networks and partnerships like the EIP AHA, Coral, Euregha or Interreg?
  • How can the European Commission support your innovation strategy and regional innovation cluster?

Special role of politicians
The event has a high level character with regional ministers, (vice) governors, (vice) mayors and other politicians from a wide diversity of European regions and larger cities. They are the ambassadors of their region and innovation cluster. Most of all they are the ambassador of those state of the art regions in Europe most active in the domain of innovation in Active and Healthy Ageing. The programme will be a showcase of European regional policy on Active and Healthy Ageing.

When and where?
The side event takes place at Tuesday September 24th from 11.00 – 12.30. The venue is the same as of the


Regional politicians: At the regional policy on Active and Healthy Ageing event on the AAL Forum in Sweden politicians will speak such as Agneta Granstrom from Norrbotten

The side event is initiated and organised by Coral/CASA, the AER and Euregha. All of them European networks of regions contributing to a community of innovating partners on Active and Healthy Ageing. Coral/CASA, AER and Euregha join effort more often representing the regional perspective in Europe and are active in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

The side event is also part of the ENGAGED project, which is the Learning community for innovation in Active and Healthy Ageing. ENGAGED is a thematic network funded by ICT PSP CIP from the European Commission and part of the EIP AHA. –

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