Rolling out telemedicine and assisted living solutions in the Region of Southern Denmark

The Region of Southern Denmark (RSD) has a vision of Health for all, where all citizens should have equal access to healthcare and be supported to live longer, healthier, and more independent. Consequently, the Region has a great focus on the roll-out and implementation of health technology, telemedicine, and assisted living solutions and services.

denmarkMost investments in health technology and telemedicine are supported by an evaluation. This includes Health Technology Assessments (HTA) and MAST (Model for Assessment of Telemedicine MAST was developed by RSD and others on behalf of the European Commission. Using MAST, decision makers can make an informed decision when it comes to what solutions and services to invest in and implement. Examples include small solutions at the hospitals and large-scale projects, e.g. the European project Renewing Health that i.a. tests the Patient Briefcase.

RSD Case – The Patient Briefcase
The Patient Briefcase is a part of a telemedicine study allowing COPD patients to have live video consultations with a hospital nurse without leaving the comfort of their living room. At discharge, the patients are provided with a Patient Briefcase, which is installed within 24 hours. The briefcase has a display for video-communication and daily scheduled tele-consultations with the hospital nurses. It contains equipment for various measurements and is user-friendly with only three control buttons. After one week, the patient no longer needs the briefcase but continues to have permanent access to a telephone hotline for four weeks after discharge. Due to a strong IT-infrastructure, standardised electronic messages between the sectors and Health Agreements to ensure better care for the citizens, the Region has a strong foundation for the implementation of assisted living technologies.

Using MAST and its different dimensions has secured a foundation for the Region’s future investments in telemedicine solutions.

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