Kent Innovation Pioneer Network


CASA study visit in Kent County December 2012

Kent is setting up a network of partners to consider the successes, challenges and solutions to ensure that the NHS and Social Care is sustainable for the citizens of Kent.

The aim of the network is to focus on the integration of Health and Social Care both at a commissioning level and a co-ordinated service delivery level under the leadership of the Kent Health and Wellbeing Board. This board is where the accountable organisations consider the health and social needs of the 1.3 million citizens and how these needs are going to be met.

The Kent Innovation Pioneer Network will have a broad base and create a free space where innovators can come together. The network will comprise providers of health and social care, commissioners of health and social care, our academic institutions as well as private sector/industry and the third (voluntary) sector.

A key component will be around the use of technology and how we include the citizen and carer in this network. We will be inviting our colleagues in CASA and Europe to participate in the network as we tackle the issues facing us, disseminating and celebrating good practice and fostering a culture of innovation. Some of this will be achieved though meetings but most will be through other digital media solutions.

In this way, Kent will be recognised as a Pioneer Innovation Hub using the new technology revolution to move the model of care away from a medically dominated model towards supported self-care with the Citizen at the Centre.

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