Flanders’ care initiatives towards an economically innovative and socially caring society

Vlaanderen-artikel-klThe strengths of Flanders are the strong networking incentives from the government. An example is het efforts of the government through program Flanders’ care, which is a project of ‘Flanders in Action’, ViA, the ambitious future project of Flanders. By 2020, Flanders wants to excel as an economically innovative, sustainable and socially caring society that strives to improve the quality of care through innovation and to promote responsible entrepreneurship in the care economy.

Flanders’ Care provides a platform for cooperation. The policy areas of Welfare, Public Health and Family, Innovation, Employment, Economy and Foreign Policy are working with one another and with external partners. In co-creation they go in search of new solutions and put policy proposals to the test. In this way a network is created in which different people work together, each with their own approach, concerning the mission of Flanders’ Care. With Flanders’ Care, the Flemish government creates synergies between existing public instruments, and puts in place dedicated care funding and financing instruments like Flanders’Care demonstration projects and Flanders Care Invest.

Another instrument is the newly launched “Living Lab Care”, a 10MEuro R&D funding initiative aiming for innovation in care targeting the ageing population.

This initiative supports the ambition of Flanders’Care to stimulate the development and implementation of innovative breakthroughs in all forms of care.

The Care Renewal Platform represents all actors with an interest in this cross-fertilization. This Platform advises the inter-ministerial committee and determines the focus of the Flanders’ Care programme. The four Flemish Ministers involved sit in this committee.

On the other hand there are still opportunities in order to improve the large scale roll out of technologies or services with proven effectiveness towards the quality of care. Neither is there enough knowledge available on successful business models to implement interesting technologies or services.

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