EPES (Public Company for Health Emergencies of Andalucia)

AndaluciaEPES is the Public Company for Health Emergencies of Andalucia. It belongs to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the regional government of Andalucia (87.597 square kilometres and 8.4m inhabitants)

EPES’s mission is to contribute to a better healthcare quality services by delivering integral emergency assistance and pre-hospital emergency medical care in a personalised and efficient way allowing to incorporate new initiatives aimed at meeting citizen’s needs.

EPES coordinates the emergency healthcare service 061 in Andalucia, made of 8 coordination centres, one in each province. For in site healthcare assistance EPES has 30 mobile ICU (mobile intensive care units), 5 ECA (advanced co-ordination teams), 1 SVB (basic life support teams), 9 VAL (logistics support vehicle), 5 medicalised helicopters.
EPES staff is made up 669 professionals (257 physicians, 213 qualified nurses and 199 emergency medical technicians). Furthermore, the entity works in collaboration with more than 1000 professionals in charge of incoming calls management from coordination centres in order to provide fully assistance 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

In 2012 EPES activated its attendance services in 80.716 cases with an average of 811 cases per day, in an increase of 2,3% from 2011. Most frequent care processes dealt with trauma, torapic pain, syncope, convulsion and respiratory problems as well as strokes and cardiorespiratory arrest.

EPES presents a considerable innovation and research activity aimed at improving their assistance provision services and enhancing the implementation of ICT.
Currently, EPES participates in seven European projects funded by the EU. Among them, it should be highlighted the Digital Health Record in Mobility with more than 36.000 personal healthcare record managed.

Implementation of Digital Health Record in Mobility by EPES (Public Company for Health Emergencies of Andalucia)
In 2012, the innovative initiative “Digital Health Record in Mobility” funded by ERDF was implemented by EPES (Public Company for Health Emergencies of Andalucia) through its healthcare emergencies services within the Public Health System in the region of Andalucía.

The implementation of the initiative has being carried out in a number of stages. As a first step, EPES has provided with a tablet PC to all the emergency mobile vehicles (achievable by the land base 061 emergency assistance) throughout the eight provinces of the region of Andalucia. The purpose of this initiative is to speed up the collection of clinical data from patients, assisted at their homes, outside or in any emergencies with multiple victims.

With this device, healthcare professionals are able to have access to the medical health record of any patient, from any place at any time, by using the healthcare card or the identification national card of the patient assisted.
This allows them to receive via on-line, update information about the patient as well as the assistance and treatment received by the patients according to the protocols established.
Main advantages of the device lie on its security, transparency and high speed transfer of clinical information. This is a vital factor under emergencies situations in which time and communication management are extremely valuable.

Currently, this tool is being piloted by emergencies services in Córdoba and Cadiz, with the aim of being deployed throughout all the emergencies service units within the Andalusian Public Health System (APHS).

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