What can social media bring for projects like CASA?

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The CASA project is about exchange of knowledge and experience. It’s about communication and community building. CASA has the ambition to be a learning community. A network of experts, stakeholders and policy makers involved in the process of innovation to upscale smart solutions for independent living. In the project we will meet during study visits and conferences, we will make SWOT analysis, reports, publications and newsletters. The CASA project is also making active use of social media for communication and exchange of knowledge and experience. We have a Twitter account that you can follow and interact with:  @casa_eu  During conferences and study visits we make use of hashtags like #casawielko or #casadk

Interactive train-the-trainer session about the opportunities and use of social media for all CASA partners

In the near future a YouTube Channel is opened in which audiovisual material is shared and CASA is part of the CORAL group on LinkedIn that you can find here  http://www.linkedin.com/groups/CORAL-Community-Regions-Assisted-Living-3701312/about and at our website.

In November in Barcelona a train-the-trainer session was organised in which the regional coordinators and communication officers from the 14 partners got an interactive introduction in the use of social media. The focus was on Twitter because this microblog is the easiest to use and gives most opportunities for interaction with stakeholders, experts and policy makers.

Short video’s used at the train-the-trainer session about the opportunities of social media

Find here a few short videos about the use of social media in innovation and what can bring it for you in the field of Active and Healthy Ageing and Ambient Assisted Living.

Social media revolution

Video about the impact of social media on society and our communication with the public.

Followers and how to start a movement

Video about leadership and how to start a movement with the example of a dancing guy having followers. This film is a good metaphor about the process when you will start using social media – or any other innovation – in your team or your organisation.

Consumer and advertiser

Video with perfect example how communication between ‘advertiser’ and ‘consumer’ is changing because of the role of social media and changes in society. Excellent metaphor about how communication is changing between professional organisation, governments and institutions with their citizens, clients, end users, patients etc.  You can’t continue with communicating how you did last century. Society and people are changing and that has consequences. Stop thinking like this ‘advertiser’

Twitter experiment

Wondering how you could use Twitter in your seminars, conferences, workshops, training etc? Learn from this American professor of history how she’s using Twitter for exchange of knowledge and participation of her students.

Social media in plain English

There is a series of ‘in plain English’ short videos useful to use if people have no clue what you’re talking about mentioning social media, Twitter etc.

SEHTA Meet the buyers conference

Nice example of a CASA partner using social media in it’s communication. This YouTube video is uploaded very recently and can be used for dissemination via other social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Untighten Noord-Brabant: the changing role of the regional government

Another example of a short video used to communicate with stakeholders. This one from the Province of Noord-Brabant communicating that the role of the provincial government is changing in dealing with societal challenges. Not only on the thematic of Active and Healthy Ageing but also in rural development and liveability.

Charlie and Marie

Charlie and Marie: A tale of ageing from The Young Foundation on Vimeo.

Well-known short video from the Young Foundation. Also as an example how you can use film and social media for your communication with your stakeholders. And this video is not uploaded YouTube and demonstrates for you another option: www.vimeo.com


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