Study visit: How to evaluate and assess telemedicine and assisted living projects?

Study visit to the Region of Southern Denmark April 23-24th 2013

The Region of Southern Denmark, together with other European partners, developed the MAST: Methodology for the Assessment of Telemedicine in MethoTelemed, a one year study commissioned by the European Commission. Since, the Region has used this evaluation method in several telemedicine projects and the model is currently being applied to the areas of assisted living and AAL as well.

In the CASA study visit to the Region of Southern Denmark, the participants will learn all about MAST on a study day dedicated to the subject. All the dimensions of the model will be presented and the participants will get the chance to use the model on their own projects.

As a supplement to the theory of MAST, the participants will visit Odense University Hospital and see the telemedicine solutions that have been evaluated using MAST with their own eyes.

The developers of MAST and the clinicians using the model on their projects will be available to answer all pressing questions that might occur.

Also in Southern Denmark the CASA project uses social media as a platform for communication and interaction. Twitter will be used for the exchange of ideas and opinions. Everyone is invited to use Twitter during the study visit and to interact with other participants and share your ideas. Also if you’re not participating in the study visit you can connect and interact. Just follow @casa_eu for more information. And use the hashtag #casadk in all your tweets.

Check here the: Booklet with programme of the study visit

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