How is informal care organised in Wielkopolska?

Study visit to Poznan March 14-15th 2013
March 14-15th 2013 a CASA study visit in Wielkopolska is organised for experts and policy makers from all partnerregions. Every CASA study visit has a special topic to discover the variety of aspects in the partnerregions. The topic in Wielkopolska is informal care.

Old Market in Poznan

Social welfare offers some tools to develop and strengthen formal care. Informal care is depending from support of family members, relatives and volunteers. They don’t receive financial support for this care. The main goal of the informal care system is to support families after death or unexpected health breakdowns of people.
The study visit in Wielkopolska first of all will give an idea of informal care in Poland and Wielkopolska. Examples of voluntary work for the elderly and disabled people will be given. And an overview of the financing of the system of social and health care are included. Participants will meet and talk to experts in the field of informal care, finance and social environment and the Polish system of health care. Scientists and practitioners share with the participants the existing problems and barriers as well as success and opportunities for e-health and telemedicine in Wielkopolska. The study visit is an opportunity for all experts from the partner regions to meet, talk and exchange ideas. Apart from the official programme participants will be able to enjoy the beauty of Poznan – the capital of Wielkopolska – with it’s famous Old Market and Wielkopolska regional food.

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