AAL Forum 2012

CASA and CORAL organised a joint seminar about regional policy for Active and Healthy Ageing and Ambient Assisted Living as an integrated part of the official programme of the AAL Forum 2012 in Eindhoven in Noord-Brabant. CASA and CORAL also presented themselves at a pavilion during this three-day-conference at which 1300 experts and policy makers from all over Europe participated.

The CASA/CORAL seminar took half a day and included interactive sessions that were inspiring, gave answers to questions, ideas for activities and energy to the participants. About 60 experts and policy makers participated. The rationale was that regions in Europe fulfil an essential role in the implementation and upscaling of innovative AAL solutions and services. Which is a process of innovation in which many divers stakeholders are involved. Dozens of European regions developed regional policy and already have a lot of experience and good practices on this matter. Most of those regions also want to exchange experience and learn from other regions in Europe about how to innovate and overcome barriers. Lot of European regions right now are involved in the process of connecting, building a European community and working together in European projects. To connect their innovation clusters with the rest of Europe. To exchange knowledge and experience, to put issues on the political agenda, to raise awareness and to make it happen. The purpose of this seminar was to give a next boost to the cooperation of European regions on policy for AAL and AHA within the framework of CORAL, CASA and the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA). And to give the exchange of knowledge and experience in this field more profundity. Carly Jansen, director of the department of Social and Cultural Development of the Province of Noord-Brabant chaired the seminar. Speakers were: Annamaria Zonno on behalf of CORAL, the Community of Regions for Assisted Living, Peter Wintlev-Jensen, Head of Sector for ICT for Inclusion at DG CONNECT of the European Commission and European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, Marieke van Beurden, projectmanager Brainport Health Innovation in Eindhoven, practiced research on innovation processes in complex networks among others in the social innovation programme ‘Smart Care’ from the Province of Noord-Brabant and Henriette van Eijl, policy officer DG Enterprise and Industry from the European Commission and specialist on social innovation.

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